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4m Car Park Resin Flooring

Welcome to 4M Floors UK, your premier destination for durable resin flooring solutions. Specialising in eco-friendly and slip-resistant surfaces, our bespoke resin designs are perfect for car parks and walkways. Our commitment to sustainability and aesthetics ensures that your outdoor spaces are not only beautiful but also built to last. Choose us for your commercial flooring needs and transform your exteriors with our innovative resin installations.

4m Resin Flooring - Car Parks

4m Apply Hard-Wearing, Attractive, Anti-Slip Protective Resin Flooring Decking Systems for Car Parks

4m is a leading provider of hard-wearing, attractive, and anti-slip protective decking systems for car parks. Our systems are ideal for use during the building or renovation of car parks, and offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced durability against heavy traffic

  • Slip resistance for safety in all weather conditions

  • Low maintenance, easy to clean surfaces

  • Aesthetically pleasing designs with customisable options

  • Eco-friendly materials promoting sustainability

  • Waterproof and resistant to oil and chemical spills

  • Improved lighting due to reflective surface qualities

  • Long-lasting with a significant lifespan

  • Cost-effective over time with reduced repair needs

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Resin Flooring for Car Parks: Safe, Durable, and Easy to Maintain

Resin flooring is a great choice for car parks, as it provides a safe, durable, and easy-to-maintain surface. The different colors can be used to create clear walking zones and demarcation parking lines, giving customers and staff a safe parking environment whilst aiding with health and safety regulations. Special colors can also be chosen to link-in with corporate identity and create eye-catching logos underfoot.

Resin flooring is highly resistant to stains and chemicals, making it ideal for use in car parks. It is also very easy to maintain, simply sweeping and mopping regularly will keep your floors looking their best.


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Anti-Slip Flooring

Chemical Resistant 

Anti Static

4m Resin Flooring Contractors 

Walk Way

Discover Durable Elegance for Car Parks

Our resin installations blend aesthetics with functionality, offering a robust solution for car parks. With cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly materials, we ensure a sleek, slip-resistant finish that withstands the test of time and traffic.

Disability Car Park Bay

Revolutionise Outdoor Spaces

Transform your exteriors with our bespoke resin surfaces. Ideal for walkways, driveways, and public areas, our tailored installations prioritize safety, durability, and visual appeal. Experience the perfect balance of practicality and style for your outdoor environments

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Eco-Friendly Resin Solutions

At 4M Floors UK, we are committed to sustainability. Our resin installations for car parks and external areas not only enhance aesthetics but also contribute to environmental conservation. Choose our services for a greener, more sustainable future.

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