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Heavy Duty

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Industrial & Manufacturing

Our pedigree speaks for itself when it comes to specialist industrial flooring systems.

We have a long history of supplying industry standard floors to strict specifications in accordance with FeRFA and other industry standard organisations. 4m is the UK market leader in flooring for the automotive industry. The company has worked with some of the biggest names in vehicle manufacturing and has completed almost one million square metres of flooring in the sector.

Recent projects for industries include:

Jaguar Land Rover at their Halewood/Gaydon/Whitley/Solihull & Castle Bromwich sites, Bentley Motors Crewe, JCB & BorgWarner.


Self-Levelling Systems

Our self-levelling systems create the most even of surfaces to enable sensitive machinery to function effectively, while a fast- track installation programme means typical operations on-site are largely unaffected. 

4m floors are built to last, they offer a durable stain and chemical resistant finish and are designed to cope with the demands of heavy industry.

Our self levelling system creates the smoothest, most even finish possible, allowing even the most sensitive machinery to work efficiently.

Fast track installation means there is no need to shut down manufacturing while work progresses.

Different colours can be used to promote corporate style or create work demarcation lines and work zones.


Hard-wearing - Durable - Chemical Resistance

Different colours can be used to create clear working zones and demarcation lines, giving production staff a pride in their individual working environment whilst aiding with health and safety regulations.

Special colours can also be chosen to link-in with corporate identity and create eye-catching logos underfoot. With excellent stain and chemical resistance and an anti- slip surface, a 4m floor provides a hard-wearing, durable floor finish that is easy to maintain and built to last.

System Services & Info

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Systems Availble

• Flowable pumped screeds
• Smooth self-levelling epoxy resin
• Car park decking
• Surface and underground   drainage works

• Hygienic/decorative floor and wall finishes

• Anti-static systems
• Elastomeric systems
• Decorative epoxy flooring

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About Industrial Sector

In industrial and manufacturing  areas, 4m flooring can undertake the complete flooring solution – from floor screed and underfloor heating, through to the seamless decorative floor finish - including self levelling colourful floors, quartz systems and terrazzo. 

The company has worked with some of the biggest names in vehicle manufacturing and has completed almost one million square metres of flooring in the sector. We believe our approach of working with our clients to achieve big goals has set the standard throughout the UK.  

Paint Cans
Chemical Information

High performance, solvent free, chemical resistant, epoxy resin coating are installed by our fully trained experts and follow strict industry standard regulations. 

The finished systems are assessed as non-hazardous to health and the environment. The long service life and seamless surface reduce the need for repairs, maintenance and cleaning. Environmental and health considerations are controlled during the installation 

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Some Industrial Systems

Self-levelling Polyurethane

3 part component medium duty flow applied polyurethane floor topping for use on concrete and polymer modified cementitious screeds. Pumadur SL is designed with the highest order of durability, impact, abrasion and chemical resistance. It’s easy to clean, smooth, matt finish makes the product ideal for environments such as the food, beverage, engineering and chemical industries.


Features & Benefits: Flow applied - rapid installation, High chemical resistance, Non-tainting and non-dusting, Seamless, High abrasion resistance, Easy to clean

Epoxy & Coatings​
I 302

This SL is a two-component, coloured epoxy formulate with 100% solids content used to

create self-levelling or multi-layer resin coatings on

floors to form an attractive, smooth or non-slip finish.

Features & Benefits: High performance flexible self-levelling system with excellent chemical resistance with anti-slip options available, it is also odour free. Comes in any colour

Flexible Polyurethane 

A two pack, solvent free, flexible polyurethane

topping applied at 1.5 mm.

Uses: For use over asphalt, wood, steel and concrete; to provide a flexible, easy to clean, chemical resistant floor topping. Typical uses are process, manufacturing, packaging and warehousing areas subjected to heavy foot and pallet truck traffic & where a degree of flexing of the floor is expected.

Benefits: Seamless finish (except for underlying slab joints), Excellent chemical resistance to sugars & acids, Easy to clean & sterilise, low maintenance requirement, Flexible, can be used over asphalt, wood & steel, High abrasion resistance, Solvent free; low odour