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Inside Europe's Largest MSCP: 4m Floors UK

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

We thought we would brighten your day with some images from our recent Manchester Airport project! We were so excited to be working on Europe's largest multi-storey carpark and we are so pleased with the finished product. We have included a bird's-eye view of the place so you can really see the size of it!

Covering 125,000m2 was a big job but we got it done! Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, some of the other benefits of using 4m Floors and our systems include:

- Abrasion resistance - Solvent free - Excellent noise reduction (goodbye squeaky tyres)

- Flexible waterproof membrane - Fantastic bond strength - Fire resistant - Slip resistant Keep a check on our social media pages for more information on this project. Contact us at for a free quote today - our friendly team is ready to help!


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