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Case Study: Cleanroom Environment Installation - 4M Floors UK

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Case Study: Cleanroom Environment Installation with 4M Floors UK Project Overview:

4M Floors UK: Your Trusted Resin Flooring Contractors

In collaboration with 4M Floors UK, a renowned name in resin flooring contracting, a cutting-edge Cleanroom Environment was meticulously crafted. The project showcased the expertise of 4M Floors UK as the go-to choice for exceptional resin flooring solutions.

Project Requirements: The successful installation of a self-leveling system required meticulous execution and adherence to specialised guidelines. These instructions were meticulously followed to ensure the utmost performance of the flooring system within the controlled environment.


4m Floors - Challenges and Considerations:

  • Cold temperatures and reduced thickness could potentially affect product flow properties, necessitating heightened attention during application.

  • Longer curing times at low temperatures prompted strategic planning and management.

Key Steps in the 4m Application Process:

Temperature and Humidity Control: The application of the self leveling system demanded precise environmental control. With a surface temperature range of 5-20°C and a humidity level below 90% RH, the installation zone was meticulously prepared. A minimum air temperature of 8°C was ensured to prevent any undesirable condensation.

4m - Mixing of Components:

The colored base component was mixed to attain an even consistency, ensuring proper re-dispersion of any settled pigment.

Thoroughly blending the base and hardener components for one minute was crucial.

The combined mixture was poured into a rotary drum mixer, with the aggregate component added gradually until uniformity was achieved.

Application Process:

  • Immediate application after mixing, upon achieving a tack-free primed surface, was a cornerstone. This minimised variations in appearance and texture.

  • Uniform pouring over the designated area, with vigilant coverage monitoring, guaranteed accurate screed depth.

  • Swift and consistent application over the area using notched tools like trowels and pin rakes maintained the desired thickness.

Rolling and Finishing:

Spiked rolling post-trowelling was a pivotal step to achieve an impeccably smooth surface while eliminating trapped air.

Note: Spiked rolling should be performed immediately after trowelling; re-rolling later is discouraged.

Consistency in Application:

Maintaining consistency, adjoining areas were treated with batches from the same mix, ensuring uniformity.

Cove Application:

Comprehensive coverage was guaranteed as the self leveling system was meticulously applied to the cove's foot.

Conclusion: 4M Floors UK stands as a testament to excellence in resin flooring contracting. The Cleanroom Environments project was executed with precision and finesse using a self leveling system, further solidifies our position as your trusted partner for cutting-edge resin flooring solutions.

4M Floors UK Portfolio: 4M Floors UK takes pride in a diverse portfolio of exceptional resin flooring solutions. With a proven track record of excellence, our expertise extends to various projects akin to Cleanroom Environments.

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Connect with 4M Floors UK: Your Resin Flooring Partner

At 4M Floors UK, we're committed to transforming spaces through exceptional resin flooring solutions. Our expertise, exemplified by the successful Cleanroom Environments project, speaks volumes about our dedication to excellence.

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