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Case Study: Enhancing Custody Suite Walkways with Altroscreed Quartz 4mm


In this case study, we explore the installation of Altroscreed Quartz 4mm in the walkways of a confidential prison custody suite. This durable and aesthetically appealing flooring material proved to be the ideal solution for enhancing the functionality and visual appeal of the high-traffic areas within the facility. Over 2,000m2 of Altroscreed Quartz 4mm was expertly installed, transforming the environment into a secure and efficient space.

Understanding Altroscreed Quartz 4mm:

Altroscreed Quartz 4mm is a high-performance resin-based flooring system specifically designed for demanding environments. It consists of a blend of colored quartz aggregates, which are bound together with a strong resin matrix. This combination results in a robust and seamless floor that can withstand heavy foot traffic, mechanical stress, and impacts, making it perfect for the requirements of a custody suite.

Challenges Faced in Custody Suite Walkways:

Before the installation of Altroscreed Quartz 4mm, the custody suite faced several challenges in its walkway areas. The existing flooring was worn out and lacked the required durability to handle the constant movement of prisoners, staff, and visitors. Additionally, the facility needed a flooring solution that could resist spills, stains, and chemicals while providing an easy-to-maintain surface.

Altroscreed Quartz 4mm:

The decision to choose Altroscreed Quartz 4mm was made by the architect after a comprehensive evaluation of the flooring requirements. Its impressive attributes, including slip resistance, impact resistance, and chemical resistance, made it a suitable candidate for this high-security environment. Moreover, the vast range of color options allowed the custodial facility to choose a design that blended seamlessly with the overall aesthetics of the space.

Installation Process:

The installation of Altroscreed Quartz 4mm was carried out by our team of experienced professionals. The process involved thorough surface preparation to ensure proper adhesion. The quartz aggregates were evenly distributed over the resin layer, creating a smooth, attractive, and uniform surface. The installation was completed in a phased manner to minimise disruption to the facility's operations.

Benefits and Results:

The installation of Altroscreed Quartz 4mm in the custody suite walkways yielded numerous benefits. The seamless and slip-resistant surface provided a safer environment for both staff and detainees, reducing the risk of accidents. Its resistance to chemicals and spills simplified the cleaning and maintenance process, ensuring a hygienic space. The visually appealing flooring also contributed to a more pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for visitors and staff.


The successful installation of Altroscreed Quartz 4mm in the custody suite walkways proved to be a transformative decision. This versatile and durable flooring material not only met but exceeded the facility's requirements for safety, hygiene, and aesthetics. By choosing Altroscreed Quartz 4mm, the undisclosed prison custody suite has invested in a long-lasting and efficient flooring solution that will serve its purpose for years to come, ensuring a secure and functional environment for all who enter its doors.

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