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Elevating Industrial Efficiency: 4M Floors UK Resin Flooring Demarcation Project Case Study


Long Walkway Resin Floor with Demarcation

4M Floors UK Case Study

We are thrilled to share yet another remarkable success story that highlights our expertise in resin flooring. This time, we embarked on a journey to revamp an industrial facility, turning it into a high-traffic, high-efficiency hub that can meet the demands of a bustling parcel delivery warehouse.

4m Project Overview: 550m2 of Demarcation Lines and Walkways

In addition to the significant challenges we faced, we also had the privilege of working on a 550m2 section within the warehouse for a more specialised approach. This section was further divided into several areas, each serving a unique purpose, courtesy of our expert team at 4m Floors, using resin products specifically designed for demarcation projects. Our client needed clear walkways with demarcation and routes for pedestrians.


The Challenge: Floors Struggling Under Pressure

Our latest project brought its own set of challenges. We were faced with a large industrial facility whose existing concrete floors were struggling to keep up with the demands of a high-traffic environment. The reasons behind our client seeking our expertise were familiar:

  1. Heavy Machinery and Constant Traffic: Much like our previous projects, this facility had to contend with a constant stream of forklifts, heavy crates, and wheeled cages. The existing concrete surface was showing signs of wear and tear.

  2. Safety as a Top Priority: Safety concerns were paramount. The deteriorating concrete surface presented tripping hazards, raising potential risks for the workforce.

  3. Operational Efficiency is Key: In environments like this, efficiency is of the utmost importance. The rough, uneven concrete surface was causing operational delays and inefficiencies.

Our team at 4M Floors UK was no stranger to these challenges. Just as in previous projects, we needed to:

  1. Addressing Imperfections: As before, the existing concrete floor displayed cracks, uneven surfaces, and potholes. These imperfections posed safety concerns and operational hurdles.

  2. Handling Heavy Traffic: The facility was a beehive of activity with forklifts, crates, and people in constant motion. Our new flooring solution needed to be robust enough to withstand this relentless traffic.

  3. Minimising Downtime: Our client couldn't afford extended downtime for their operations during the floor renovation. It was crucial to complete the project efficiently.

4m Floors UK - Customised Resin Based Solutions

Here's a breakdown of what we did for our valued client:

  1. Blue Walkway (451m2): We created a dedicated blue walkway, ensuring a defined path for foot traffic, enhancing safety and efficiency within the warehouse.

  2. Green Walkway (85m2): The green walkway was designed for specific pedestrian zones, keeping staff and visitors safe in areas with restricted vehicle access.

  3. Yellow Hatching (121m2): The yellow hatching served as a visual marker, delineating key zones, which was particularly helpful for organizing inventory and deliveries.

  4. Grey Area (308m2): This grey area was strategically designed to handle heavy traffic, particularly forklift movements and storage.

  5. Crossings (39m2): Our expertise shone through in the creation of safe pedestrian crossings, minimising collision risks between foot traffic and vehicles.

  6. Red Area (60m2): This red area served as a designated zone, designed to stand out for specific storage or operational requirements.

  7. Yellow Lines (656 Linear Meters): The yellow lines on either side of the warehouse aisles not only added a visually striking element but also played a crucial role in guiding forklift operators.

Polyurethane for Added Strength:

To ensure the floor could withstand the relentless demand of heavy machinery and crates, we added a polyurethane coating. This extra layer boosted the floor's resistance to impact, abrasion, and chemicals, ensuring durability and longevity.

Results and Benefits:

Our efforts yielded remarkable results, just as they had in previous projects:

  1. Enhanced Safety: The new floor significantly reduced safety concerns by eliminating tripping hazards and creating a level, slip-resistant surface. Clear demarcation of walkways and hazardous areas.

  2. Efficiency Boost: The facility became a well-oiled machine with the new, even surface that allowed for smooth movement of forklifts and wheeled cages.

  3. Durability: The epoxy and polyurethane combination made the floor incredibly robust, capable of handling the constant movement of machinery and crates.

4m Floors UK Conclusion:

Our commitment to excellence in resin flooring shines through once more in this latest project. At 4M Floors UK, we don't just install floors; we transform entire operational landscapes, ensuring our clients enjoy the utmost efficiency and safety.

If you're looking to tackle flooring challenges head-on and want tailored solutions that make a difference, get in touch with us at 4M Floors UK. We're here to ensure your space becomes a success story just like this one.

Thank you for exploring this case study, and feel free to reach out for your next resin flooring project.


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