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4m Floors UK - Case Study Inverness Justice Centre Project

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Case Study: Revitalizing Inverness Justice Centre Floors with Innovative Solutions

Introduction: The Inverness Justice Centre, a historic cornerstone of the community's legal framework, embarked on a transformative journey. 4m Floors UK, renowned for our expertise in flooring solutions, undertook a multi-phase project to restore and elevate the facility's floors. Part One of this case study unveils the meticulous preparation phase and the strategic application of the Penetrating Hardening System (PHP).

Historical Significance: The Inverness Justice Centre's rich history as a bastion of justice adds depth to its architectural significance. As a symbol of community values and legal evolution, maintaining its integrity is paramount.

Challenges and Innovative Solutions: The endeavor came with its share of challenges. The existing floor had concealed cracks and damp areas. The site required meticulous attention, and addressing various floor defects demanded careful planning and mapping the problems on the ground floor and 1st floor throughout the site. 4m Floors UK expertly navigated these challenges by leveraging PHP binding properties, restoring screeds while minimising disruption to other contractors. Using specialised industrial vacuums to ensure a dust free environment and adhering to health and safety reg's while working in enclosed spaces.

Phase One: Preparation and PHP Applications:

4m Floors UK's mission began with addressing the challenge of restoring and strengthening the floors. The innovative Penetrating Hardening System (PHP) was selected as the key solution. This solvent-free, ultra-low viscosity liquid was uniquely designed to penetrate damaged screeds, binding particles and filling voids.

Phase One: Preparation and PHP Application

Benefits of PHP: The utilisation of PHP introduced numerous benefits to the project:

  • Efficiency: PHP's rapid installation minimise disruption to occupants, expediting the overall process.

  • Swift Restoration: Failed sand:cement screeds were revitalized overnight due to PHP's speedy curing properties.

  • Clean Installations: The installation process was dust-free, safeguarding other finishes throughout the facility.

  • Enhanced Water Resistance: PHP acted as a damp-proof membrane, bolstering resistance to water penetration.

Phase Two: The installation of Mondeco and Flowfast systems.

4m Floors UK installed Mondeco and Flowfast systems at the Inverness Justice Centre. These systems go beyond conventional flooring, introducing a seamless epoxy resin terrazzo finish and a high-performance resin system. The Mondeco system's unique combination of recycled crushed glass, colored glass, mirror glass, and metallic particles imparts a distinctive elegance to the space.

Suitability and Diversity of Applications: Mondeco seamless terrazzo and Flowfast systems offer adaptability across various environments:

  • Public Spaces: Airports, railway terminals, and shopping centers benefit from the visual allure and resilience of Mondeco.

  • Commercial Zones: Restaurants and hotels enjoy the seamless, easy-to-maintain surfaces of Flowfast systems.

  • Aesthetic Innovation: The color flexibility allows for creative expression, enabling diverse effects within a single aggregate blend.

Inverness Justice Centre Floors Transformed

Conclusion: Inverness Justice Centre with 4m Floors Expertise

The Inverness Justice Centre's journey towards transformation has unfolded through two dynamic phases, each contributing uniquely to its revitalisation. 4m Floors UK's commitment to excellence shines as we seamlessly merge style with innovation.

Phase One - Preparation and PHP Application: In the initial phase, the challenge of restoring and strengthening floors was met head-on. The introduction of the Penetrating Hardening System (PHP) not only surpassed industry standards but showcased a dedication to quality. Swift installation, dust-free application, and water resistance became hallmarks of this endeavor. Challenges were overcome through meticulous preparation, ensuring minimal disruption to the historic space.

Phase Two - Mondeco and Flowfast Installation: The project's momentum continued with the installation of Mondeco and Flowfast systems. Aesthetic brilliance met practicality as the unique terrazzo finish and seamless resin system graced the center. The involvement of expert applicators guaranteed precision and perfection. Aesthetic appeal, ease of maintenance, and durability became inherent attributes, adding new layers of value.

The Culmination of Excellence: As these two phases intertwine, the Inverness Justice Centre's narrative epitomises the power of innovation and skill. The journey's success speaks of a holistic approach, where aesthetics meet practicality, meets innovation, and expertise meets transformation.

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