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Enhancing Outdoor Spaces: 4m Floors UK Transforms Audi York's Roof Car Park with Deckshield ED1

Outside the Audi York Building
Audi York - Image - Google Maps


With over three decades of experience, 4m Floors UK has established itself as a prominent player in the resin industry, specializing in premium resin flooring solutions. A recent accomplishment that showcases their expertise is the successful completion of the "Audi York - Roof Car Park" project. Spanning 565m2, this project exemplifies their proficiency in employing advanced resin technology to convert outdoor spaces into functional and visually captivating areas.

Project Overview:

The Roof Car Park at Audi York presented a distinctive challenge owing to its exposed location. Undeterred, 4m Floors UK undertook the task with unwavering resolve. Opting for the Deckshield ED1 system, they displayed a keen understanding of the requirement for durability and aesthetic appeal. The project's objective was to enhance both the car park's utility and appearance, aligning perfectly with Audi's vision.

Preparation and Expertise:

At the core of 4m Floors UK's success lies their meticulous preparation process. In this instance, they employed industrial grinding equipment to remove the old floor's top layer, creating a solid foundation for the impeccable application of Deckshield ED1. This step underscores the company's commitment to delivering solutions built on a strong basis, rather than mere surface-level enhancements.

Overcoming Nature's Challenges:

Undoubtedly, working outdoors exposes any project to the unpredictable forces of nature. However, 4m Floors UK's experienced team was well-prepared. They navigated adverse weather conditions, ensuring minimal disruption to the project timeline. This dedication speaks volumes about 4m Floors UK's professionalism and ability to deliver results against all odds.

Deckshield ED1: A Resilient Choice:

The chosen resin flooring system, Deckshield ED1, demonstrated its effectiveness on multiple fronts. Featuring a mid grey color palette adorned with white lines designating car park bays, it not only offered a visually striking appearance but also provided resistance against external elements. This made Deckshield ED1 an ideal choice for the outdoor setting of a roof car park.

preparation of floor before installation
Preparation Phase

Installation of new floor on roof car park
Application of Deckshield ED

Client Satisfaction: The satisfaction expressed by Audi York regarding the completed project stands as a testament to 4m Floors UK dedication. Despite the challenges posed by the outdoor setting, the transformed car park exceeded expectations. The attention to detail, from the resilient flooring solution to the precision in laying out car park bay lines, resonated well with the client's vision.


The "Roof Car Park – Audi York" project serves as an exemplary showcase of 4m Floors UK's prowess in the resin flooring industry. With a distinguished 30-year history, the company's expertise, innovation, and commitment continue to elevate outdoor spaces into functional and visually captivating environments. Through the application of the Deckshield ED1 system and adeptly navigating outdoor challenges, 4m Floors UK has successfully achieved yet another milestone in their journey of excellence.

At 4m Floors UK, we bring more than three decades of experience to every project, and the successful completion of the "Audi York - Roof Car Park" project is a true testament to our dedication. We're committed to delivering excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction.

Discover more about our transformative projects and how our expertise can enhance your spaces by visiting 4m Floors UK's official website. If you're ready to discuss your next resin flooring project, get in touch via email at or call us at 01782 576650


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