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Pumped Screed 

4m Floors UK

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4m Floors UK
Pumped Screed Flooring

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At 4m Floors, we specialise in providing high-quality pumped screed flooring solutions that seamlessly blend durability, aesthetics, and functionality. Our team of experienced flooring experts is committed to transforming your industrial space into a functional and visually appealing environment.


Pumped Screed Flooring

Innovative Pumped Screed Solutions

At 4m floors, we specialise in the latest pumped screed technologies, providing efficient and reliable flooring solutions for various industrial and commercial spaces. Our pumped screed floors are renowned for their rapid installation and minimal downtime, ensuring a smooth, level surface that's ready for any finish. Ideal for large areas, our screed solutions offer both speed and precision

High-Quality Pumped Screed 

Discover the versatility of pumped screed at 4m floors. Our high-quality screed is perfect for creating a strong, durable base for all types of flooring. The quick application process and excellent leveling properties make it a preferred choice for projects with tight schedules. Choose our pumped screed for a flawless foundation in any setting.

Pumped Screed Excellence with 4m

Turn to 4m floors for top-tier pumped screed services. Our expertise in delivering perfectly leveled and smooth surfaces quickly and efficiently sets us apart. The screed we provide is not only fast to apply but also ensures a long-lasting and robust base for your flooring. Opt for our pumped screed for a hassle-free, high-quality floor base.

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Pumped Screed Projects

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