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4m Floors UK Case Study: National Cycling Centre Epoxy Resin Flooring Project.

Updated: Oct 26, 2023


A perfect epoxy resin floor in a velodrome

4m Floors - Epoxy Resin Floor Installation Overview

4m Floors UK are Resin Flooring Contractors, that offer a wide range of epoxy resin flooring systems for many different types of industry. With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, our most recent challenge was the restoration of a National Cycling Centre in the UK. This project had its challenges but 4m floors epoxy resin team created a bespoke vivid floor for our prestigious client that will stand up to the heavy traffic.


4m Floors Epoxy Resin Flooring Project:

Cycling centres are arenas of speed, precision, and passion. To uphold these principles, the track itself must mirror perfection. Tasked with reviving a dilapidated well worn safety lane and and innercircle where the riders get ready before the race, our mission was clear: a surface that could meet the demands of professional cycling, ensuring safety and impeccable performance.

Our Client's Brief:

Outlined clearly, the client’s needs were:

  1. Robustness to endure high-intensity cycling sessions.

  2. Seamless continuity for safe and optimal races.

  3. An appealing visual profile to elevate the venue's presence.

  4. A floor easy to maintain and keep pristine.

4m Floors' Blueprint For Success:

With our vast expertise as Resin Flooring Contractors, we crafted a methodical approach to address the track's past wear and its future challenges.

A Deep Dive into the Project Details:

Within the vast span of the cycling centre, our team meticulously transformed a staggering 3,233m² of floor space. A defining feature of this transformation was the introduction of a specially tailored bespoke blue hue, specifically requested by our client. This vibrant shade not only elevated the visual aesthetics but also played a crucial functional role. It distinctly demarcated the safety lanes and the velodrome’s inner circle, enhancing clarity and ensuring cyclists could navigate the track with precision.

Defining Features of Epoxy Resin Flooring:

  1. Unyielding Durability: We opted for an Epoxy Resin mix that promises longevity even under the most demanding conditions.

  2. Seamless Topography: Expert application techniques were employed, ensuring the resin's even distribution and a flawlessly smooth finish.

  3. Custom Aesthetics: Collaborating closely with the client, we rendered a design that seamlessly melded with the velodrome’s architecture.

  4. Streamlined Maintenance: Thanks to the Epoxy Resin's inherent properties, our flooring resists most spills, mitigates staining, and offers easy cleaning solutions.

Confronting Challenges:

Reviving the Previous Surface: The track, bearing scars from countless races, required significant attention. Industrial grinding machines were employed to skillfully tackle these imperfections.

Priming for Resin Application: Post-grinding, a dust-free atmosphere was paramount. Our team executed a comprehensive cleaning regimen, ensuring the venue's readiness for the Epoxy Resin.

Span of the Venue: The cycling centre's expansive dimensions posed logistical tests. With synchronised shifts, we maintained a steady workflow, ensuring quality at every turn. The heavy duty equipment had to be carefully used, the track is made of wood and could easily chip.

Precision in Surface Regularity: In professional cycling, even minor surface deviations can be consequential. Our team, using top-tier leveling tools and conducting routine checks, guaranteed an impeccable surface.

Case Study - Conclusion:

The culmination of our endeavors was a rejuvenated cycling centre, its track now synonymous with excellence. Cyclists’ feedback resoundingly affirmed our success, with many highlighting the track's transformative effect on their performances. Our client is very happy with the completed works and 4m floors are very proud to be involved in such a prestigious project.


4m Floors Resin Flooring Contractors UK.

Whether it's a grand sporting venue or a nuanced domestic setting, 4m Floors UK remains the epitome of unrivaled flooring craftsmanship. Our venture with this esteemed velodrome was not merely about laying down a floor; it was a manifestation of our dedication, skill, and vision at 4m Floors UK. Each project is a canvas, and we pride ourselves on painting a masterpiece every time. With an unwavering commitment to quality, client satisfaction, and the passion to innovate, we are ever-prepared to meet and exceed expectations.

Discover the 4m Floors UK Difference

Are you in search of an unmatched flooring solution? Whether it's an expansive commercial venue or an intimate residential space, our expertise is at your disposal. Dive into the world of resilient, aesthetic, and functional floors.

For insights, consultations, or to discuss your next flooring project, don't hesitate to reach out. Let our experience be the foundation of your success.

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