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Transforming Multi-Storey Car Parks with 4m Floors UK: A Case Study

Aerial shot of multi storey

Introduction: In the bustling world of modern urban spaces, multi-storey car parks stand as essential structures, accommodating the ever-growing number of vehicles. Today, we're shining a spotlight on a client's car park in Purfleet, our company is renowned for its exceptional work in car park transformations. We'll delve into their recent project in Purfleet, where we completed the installation of 2500m² of Deckshield ED1 and 2500m² of Deckshield Rapide ID resin flooring systems.

The Challenge: Multi-storey car parks endure heavy traffic, extreme weather, and continuous wear and tear, demanding robust solutions. The client in Purfleet sought a dependable flooring solution that could withstand these challenges while enhancing the car park's durability and aesthetics.

Floor Plans: For a comprehensive understanding of the project, we've included detailed floor plans that showcase the layout and design of some of the car park.

Car Park Top Deck Plans at Purfleet

The 4m Floors UK Solution: 4m Floors UK, recognised for our expertise in resin flooring solutions, took on the challenge. Here's a closer look at the products and techniques we employed for this transformation:

  • Damp Primer: 4m Floors UK began by applying this primer, ensuring optimal adhesion. They used a 110-volt slow-speed drill to mix in the catalyst, and the primer was spread across the floor using a 14" foam squeegee and a 15" medium pile roller. While wet, quartz (0.4-0.8mm) was scattered onto the primer for added traction.

  • Deckshield Scrim: To reinforce the structure, they used the 100mm wide woven glass fibre XR100. After mixing the catalyst into the Deckshield Rapide Membrane, a 150mm band was applied across all cracks, joints, termination grooves, and junctions using a 4" rad roller. The scrim was then applied with a 6" steel fibre glass roller, followed by a second layer.

  • Flowfast Flexible Binder: This binder, mixed with Flowfast SNL Filler, was applied to the floor, providing resilience and strength. After application with a "notched" squeegee, quartz (0.7-1.2mm) was broadcasted onto the wet surface.

  • Deckshield Rapide Top Coat: The final touch, the Deckshield Rapide Top Coat, was applied directly to the floor using a 15" squeegee and a 15" medium pile green stripe roller, ensuring a durable, attractive finish.

  • Line Markings and Signage: To guide drivers and pedestrians, they utilized Deckshield QD Line Marker, applying it with precision using stencils as designated by the client's drawings.

The Outcome: 4m Floors UK expert team executed the project flawlessly, delivering a car park that exceeded the client's expectations. The Deckshield ED1 and Deckshield Rapide ID flooring not only enhanced the car park's aesthetics but also provided long-term durability, ensuring minimal maintenance costs for the client.

Conclusion: 4m Floors UK, with our commitment to excellence and expertise in resin flooring solutions, continues to redefine the possibilities for car park transformations. This Purfleet project serves as a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation.

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