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4m Floors UK Resin Flooring Contractors Case Study - University SL Screed & Deckshield Project

Updated: Oct 19, 2023


University Project by 4m Floors Resin Flooring Contractors UK

As one of the leading resin flooring contractors in the UK, 4m Floors UK recently embarked on a significant project at a renowned university located in the South of England. This case study delves into the intricacies of the project, highlighting our expertise and the solutions we provided.

Resin flooring installed in grey

4m Floors UK - Overview

Universities are hubs of activity, seeing heavy footfalls daily, necessitating resilient and long-lasting flooring. Tasked with the renovation of the flooring at this prominent educational establishment, 4m Floors UK rose to the challenge, banking on our extensive experience and commitment.

4m Floors UK University Project

The project was clear: to ensure an impeccable environment during the refurbishment. With the university in continuous operation, it was vital to keep disturbances, especially dust, to a bare minimum, considering the well-being of students and staff. Moreover, the pre-existing flooring required extensive leveling before the resin could be applied.

4m Floors Strategy for Dust Management and Floor Priming

We utilised high-capacity grinders in tandem with heavy-duty vacuum cleaners for floor preparation. This ensured the emission of negligible dust, upholding a spotless ambiance. Our primary concern was the health and safety of the university's inhabitants.

Specifics of the Project Execution

In terms of the specific areas covered, we successfully applied:

  • Grey Deckshield over an area of 2108m^2.

  • Red Deckshield covering 155m^2.

  • Green Deckshield spanning 187m^2.

Furthermore, the project required precision and attention to detail, evident as our team expertly cut a total of 484m of floor joints during the renovation.

Levelling Using Flowscreed Industrial Top

Once the grinding phase was complete, we utilised Flowscreed Industrial Top for a smooth and level floor. Given its swift drying properties and cement base, it's apt for expedited refurbishments. With its 8mm average thickness, it promised a consistent base, ensuring lasting resilience.

Employing Deckshield with a Slip-Resistant Feature

Ensuring safety in areas with heavy movement, like universities, is crucial. With this in mind, we applied the Deckshield ID system, which boasts heightened traction qualities. Its certified slip-resistant surface effectively reduces risks related to slips and falls.

Primary Attributes and Advantages

  • Swift Setup: Our efficient crew managed to cover up to 2000 m^2 daily under optimal conditions.

  • Durability: Our flooring solution boasts commendable resistance against impact, point-loading, and wear.

  • Sanitary Solution: Deckshield ID lacks protein, ensuring it's free from bacteria, fungi, and yeast.

  • Chemical Defense: The floor provides protection against typical substances such as diesel, fuel, antifreeze, among others.

  • Noise Diminution: The enhanced traction considerably decreases tyre noise, facilitating a serene academic setting.

Conclusion - 4m Floors Resin Flooring Contractors UK University Project.

4m Floors UK is dedicated to delivering unmatched flooring solutions that cater to individual client requirements. This project, situated within a renowned university in the South of England, epitomizes our proficiency and unwavering commitment. Our team, emphasising health, safety, and long-term durability, ensured the delivery of an elite flooring solution built to last. As a prominent resin flooring provider, our mission is continuous improvement. For any flooring endeavors, 4m Floors UK stands ready to assist.


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